Pulfero (UD)
Friday 3rd November 2017, 8.45pm – free entry
Grotta di San Giovanni d’Antro (In caso di pioggia: Sala Consiliare di Pulfero)

Massimo Somaglino, reading voice
Graziella Qualizza, reading voice in nediško
Yuri Ciccarese, flute
Gianni Fassetta, accordion
Ferruccio Clavora, Romeo Pignat, words

A performance of music, storytelling and images loosely based on the book of the same name, taking place in the Grotta d’Antro, set in the rock of the small mountainous region of Slavia Friulana: a journey that recalls the emigration from the Natisone Valley to the mines of Belgium, beginning with the drama of a small borderland community and the dark period in the dignity of men who had been “bought by a treaty”, and leading us on towards a beacon of light and awareness.

Massimo Somaglino
Graziella Qualizza
Yuri Ciccarese
Gianni Fassetta
Ferruccio Clavora
Romeo Pignat